Saturday, April 13, 2013

Figure study with Manga Studio

Feels good to get back into figure drawing after working in zbrush for so long. I started using a new program today, Manga Studio. I was never interested in using Manga Studio until I saw some crazy good tutorials on youtube that really blew me away. After playing with it all day, I can say it's really a top-notch program for drawing and inking even if you don't draw manga(although I imagine its perfect tool for manga artist).

Usually these kinds of sketches take me forever in photoshop going back and forth brushes and settings...
You can mimic traditional mediums pretty effortlessly, and they don't feel awkward. 
Caricatures have that graphic look to them which I really like.
 Now I can't speak for the coloring aspect of it, It's ok I guess. Photoshop is probably a better tool for coloring and refinement, but MS is far superior when it comes to line art. I'd say its the perfect in between of Photoshop and Illustrator. The pens feel like pens, the pencil feel like pencil, you can get some very nice looking textures out of it right out of the box.

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