Saturday, April 27, 2013

Arena Net art test Part 2

Hey guys~ little update here. I know I havent been posting much lately, life has been very hectic since graduation and moving. Nowadays I'm mainly posting my work on my personal facebook(what's a fan page?) and then once I gather enough images I put them up here. Anywho, I totally missed the deadline for this test due to finding out about the date extension way too late -__-'' about a week late! They had not updated their website so I was under the impression the test was long over. There is always next year right? :(  

Even though I'm super bummed about that, I'm super excited about all the new skills and techniques that I've learned through trial,error, near death experience, and so on. This is my first game character, but I want it to be super legit. After many nights of failure and research I think I got this down to a pretty good formula.

Original decimated mesh 
Hi rez texture
Low res with Normal Map applied
Low rez with 1k texture applied 
Wiresss :D
 Some of the High rez details in Zbrush, Couldn't  display them all at once because my computer can't handle it :P

She looks kind of like a final fantasy character no?  haha

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