Sunday, February 24, 2013

Self Portrait Quickie + Website woes

Hi all, just a quick drawing from today. I haven't drawn in a while, really looking forward to life after graduation if it means free time to draw all day. I usually fail at drawing myself stylized but I thought this turned out pretty well ( with the exception that I just couldn't get my lovely vampire complexion just quite).  So it's me with a nice tan. 
And in other news, I am in the process of re-vamping my website. Kind of starting from an attempt to make my portfolio come across as more "professional". I should really hire someone to do this for me. It's like I go in the code, change the color of the font, and next thing I know my entire page is missing buttons and all the images are gone. I am just cursed when it comes to website design. 

How it looks now
How it's beginning to look...
Yes,very white. I've seen a ton of game art/modeller/3d people go for the black and blue theme, sort of like the Blizzard website. It seems like that's the "safe" style for most 3d artist, but honestly it's not me at all. I like colorful, playful, girly etc. Unfortunately these are just aesthetics that many people label as unprofessional, busy, and unrefined. Not all societies fault however, It's partially my own fault for just not having the graphic design/code knowledge to really develop my site the way I have envisioned. 

Off to sleep. Walking dead time first :)


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