Saturday, February 2, 2013

Pin up girl PCC2 Progress

 I've been guilty this month of not posting much of my work progress, so here's everything I've been working on since I got back from Christmas break. My PCC2 asset is a pinup style girl on a cruiser bicycle with a kitty in her basket. There are many assets that make up this concept, so attention to detail is important to get the overall look to come together. Concept drawing is by JessiBeans . I love all of her artwork, so it was hard to choose just one of her pinup girls as my reference.
Here is everything I did from start to finish(well, today, nothings ever really finished!)
My Zbrush Speed Sculpt. 
Week one progress. Level 1 retopology straight out of zbrush. Featureless and no hands yet.
Week two progress, clothing blocked out and adding more features.
Week three, getting close to finishing. Just making small adjustments here and there to the face and body proportions.
The base mesh for the cat is finished, exported the level 2.
Final hair and braid retopologized, and started textures and normal map.
Bicycle is 90% there, had to make tires a bit thicker and make sure the girl will be able to fit.
Probably should of posted my reference by now =P 
Test posing and render in Zbrush. This is posed using just masking and rotate tools in zbrush, so not very clean or natural looking. Worked on getting her a rig to make the pose close to the concept.
 Some test renders using Maya Physical sun and sky.  I'm still trying to figure it out, and I'm always switching back and forth different rendering methods for showing off models =P  My first attempt was with ambient occlusion, but it appears too white to be on it's own. Then I tried regular area lights and final gather, but never quite got great results. This one seems to be the best so far, just needs to be tweaked a bit further.
Annnddd the turnaround. I used nuke to composite this and make it look a little less like sun and sky fresh out of Maya. Oh boy has it been ages since I used Nuke! I forgot how to extract alphas and plug in Roto nodes =x But still got through it.. now my script is ready to plug in the final renders once they are complete :)

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