Friday, September 21, 2012

Recent artwork

A couple of drawings I've finished this month.

This one is the most "finished" , because it took me the longest. I'd say it took a week to do with maybe an hour or two daily and maybe a few days skipped =P The likeness is based on Sandara or Dara Park from 2ne1. 

This one was really fast but getting the concept for it and a rough sketch I was happy with took a bit more effort than usual. The likeness I used is Yuka's face (japanese street fashion model). 
Also , I'm trying to get better at backgrounds. It really isn't my strength especially since I usually just leave it white but I realize sometimes a proper background is needed. 
I would not normally draw something like this, but it was for a contest on Deviantart that requires you to pick a drawing you submitted in the past and redraw it. In this case the drawing I picked was from 2008,  hence the anime-ish look. Not my favorite, but anything you draw is good because it's practice!

As much as I love portraits, I want to/should  work on full body stuff for next week :p


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