Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIPS : Shang Tsung, Norman Reedus, and Axl Rose

Here are a few of my more recent WIPS that I thought I'd share. The Shang Tsung is probably the more finished of the three.

"Your soul is mine!"

 I'm probably going to stick his head onto a body because hes just such an awesome character who deserves a full body. Comon, don't tell me you weren't a Mortal Kombat fan at some point. If I didn't have school I'd probably be modeling a ton of Mortal Kombat characters because I'm obsessed with the games and the movies. Yes, the movies too.

 I really want to keep working on this Norman Reedus model. He's one of my favorite actors, I want to eventually turn this into a low poly game character. About 4 hours on this so far.
Male body study wip

This model was supposed to be Axl Rose serca 1986' but it slowly morphed into someone..much more muscular. I only worked on the upper body so far.

This is just a close up of a texture I was messing around with, it shows more of what I was going for with him. Still needs a proper texture and detailing.


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  1. Norman reedus is great. Your model actually really looks like him :)