Thursday, November 15, 2012

Recap of PFP

  Finally done and over with the first official month of finals. I'd like to specify that in our school finals is only a 5 month long process. The final is the thesis/demo reel/ and or senior project that shows everything we've learned. In most art schools, finals is actually an entire year. However since Full Sail is an accelerated program, the one years worth of work is squished into a short 5 month period. We are still expected to show work of the same quality as the students from regular 4 year colleges.

 That being said, I have a lot of work ahead of me! It is both stressful yet extremely exciting and rewarding to see my projects finally come together. Here is what i've come up with since my last post. My goals for the last week was to start modeling props and accessories for my characters. Right now most are in the block out stages.

 Progress on my first asset, the little girl known as "Harriet" and her toon duo Greaser guy. I just went back and re-did her hair. This one is a big improvement.  Her hair has plenty of personality and I have to get it *just* right.

Progress on the clothing for the Jiro character. Still a long ways to go, I'm getting used to sculpting clothing.

Started to retopo the cat. This is actually not my most recent progress, I scrapped this topology because the eyes had to be opened up first.

Began to build the basket for the bike. The weave pattern is quite confusing at first. Would be easier to just texture map this, but for film rez it has to be modelled out.

Some added details to the vintage bicycle.
 Bread! Just in it's blocky stages.
Last but not least, I made a website finally! Took about three weeks of hard work to put together, with the relentless help of the awsome lab staff at Full Sail. I got the low down on CSS for the first time, which was confusing yet quite interesting.

Check it out if you'd like

That's all for now, got plenty of new projects both big and small in the works.

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