Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Side Projects for May-June : Squirrel Robber and 1700's French girl

  Side work I've started in my spare time to prepare for my character modeling art test. The squirrel character I started from Dynamesh ball so it is still in the pre-visualization stages, the proportions are not how I planned so I still need to do more sculpting.

 Specifically I want her to be shorter, and her lower body wider , but not so human which I've accidentally done on this hybrid character. Her bangs and chest hair is separate pieces, I plan to make her shoes separate as well once I retopo it. I usually do a quick poly paint to get an idea of where the character is going and sort of map out where things will be changed.

Beginning stages of her face. Eyelids too high up and overall proportions a bit too anime style for this concept.

  This character is an attempt at a certain art style and a take on an older time period. My plans is to make a long dress for her the style of mid to late 1700 apparel(think somewhere between Belle of beauty and the beast and Marie Antoinette) .  Now that I've learned n-cloth, making something like a flowy dress or blouse is pretty simple. I will need to remodel her braid because zbrush separated the geo into small sections. This time I'm going to model the braid facing straight down to be able to rig it and pose it properly. Wire frame is not ideal, more left to retopo (topogun has made my life a lot easier :)

  Taking Visual Development and Motion Capture this month.. very busy and I almost forgot what it's like to have two classes at once. Getting my hands on a new Wacom Intous 4 medium tablet soon as well, a big upgrade for me from the small one.

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